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###the furious fifty###



1) About TFF

2) Features & Details

3) Server Information

4) VIP Shop

5) Downloads

The Furious Fifty Is A GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP) Server Created By And Hosted By AmitGamingKing. It Includes Total 20 Slots And Lots Of Features And Fun! This Server Gamemodes Includes Freeroam/DM/TDM/NRG/Stunts/Fun. This Server Is Only For English Persons And No Other Languages Are Allowed Here! This Server Is Created On 1 November 2016 And It Is Running On Latest Version Of SAMP!

Follow The Link To Create Account On Official Forum:

1) About The Furious Fifty :


2) Features And Details :

- Listed Features Are Not All There Are More! -


- DM/TDM Matches All Over Map!

- House System!

- NRG Parkours!

- Funfair With Working Rides (Roller Coasters, Wheel, Dash Cars, MORE!)

- InGame Phone System For Mobile Games, Music, Maps, Gallery And More...

- Over 3 Player Parkours Area! (More Coming Soon...)

- Bank System To Safe All Your Money From Other Players!

- Every Night FireWork System By Admin

- Special VIP System Includes - Silver, Gold And Platinum (PAID!)

- Drugs Selling/Buying System For Money!
- Enjoy Every MiniGames With Friends/Without Friends!
- Special Reaction Tests In Every 7 Minutes, Including: Quiz, Who Type's Faster, Maths!

- Races All Over Los Santos!

- Totally Stunts Area With Big Jumps And Others!

- And Many Other More!!!


*****Add Us To Your Favoruite Today!*****

3) Server Information :

This Server Owner And Official Host Is AmitGamingKing! To Join The Server You've To Accept All Rules Also T&C Required To Play On This Server! Do Not Request/Beg/Warn For Being An Admin OR VIP! You Can Be A VIP When You'll Pay For It!

The Furious Fifty
The Furious Fifty
Silver VIP Package
Silver VIP Package
Silver VIP Package Contents : - Ability To See Rich List Of Players! - Ability To Spectate Any Player! - Ability To Spawn Yourself! - Ability To Turn Off PM! - Special Command For Highlight Chat! - Ability To See All Reports! - $30,000 In-Game Cash!

4) VIP Shop :

*****VIP Packages Features And Details*****

*****BUY HERE*****

- SILVER VIP PACKAGE ($3.99)                    :


- GOLD VIP PACKAGE ($4.99)                      :



- PREMIUM VIP PACKAGE ($6.99)               :


- Buying Does Not Entitle You To Any Special Treatment From Admin's OR Other Players.

- Once Applied, Buying Status Cannot Be Transfered.

- Payment Will Not Be Refunded Under Any Circumstances.

- Financial Statements & Information About Server Costs & Others Will Not Be Made Public.

- Buying VIP Package Doesn't Mean That You Are Free From In-Game Rules, You Can Still Get Kicked/Banned!

- Kicking Any Player Without Any Reason Will Make You Ban! (Premium VIP Users)

5) Downloads :

Looking For GTA San Andreas Download Link? Here It Is!

GTA San Andreas


And GTA SAMP Client (Direct Link) :




Installation :

1) Download & Install GTA San Andreas Anywhere.

2) Then Install GTA SAMP In GTA San Andreas Directory That You Previously Installed.

3) Open samp.exe And Add Us To Your Favourite! DONE!